HCI lab hands-on training courses to design your third hand with robotic arms!

“Hot! Cute! Interaction! (HoCuIn)” is a 7-day workshop aiming at introducing HCI to graduate students in Taiwan. After courses including HCI theories, technologies, research methods and design-related skills, the students are going to develop their own projects in groups and make an exhibition on the final day. We hope to boost innovative ideas and interesting projects throughout this process.

The topic of this year is “Design your Third Hand”, which relates to novel interaction between human and robot arm.

I gave lectures on robotic arms used in HCI field and circuit prototying techniques. I also developed a Unity 3D toolkit for each teams to create their projects.

My talk on robotic arms and the toolkit.

Participants making their robotic arm projects

Workshop Hot! Cute! Interaction! 2017 (HoCuIn ‘17)
Duration July 16 - 22, 2017
Place National Taiwan University
Info Website
Unity Toolkit GitHub