• Stylus Assistant Stylus Assistant
    Designing dynamic constraints for facilitating stylus inputs on portable displays. (SA '16 Emerging Technologies)
  • EMS Air Guitar EMS Air Guitar
    A music experience that moves your body using electrical muscle stimulation. (UIST '16 SIC)
  • Jagger Jagger
    Exploring on-body force and shape sensors for a movement-based musical listening experience at student-organized OpenHCI 2016 workshop.
    Team facilitator
  • Alfheim Alfheim
    Designing light and sound expression for internet of things (IoT) at Hidden Local Workshop held by National Taiwan University IoX Center collaborated with TU/e.
  • 千葉市藍調 (Chiba City Blues) 千葉市藍調 (Chiba City Blues)
    Design fiction props for a story adapted from William Gibson's Neuromancer.
  • Journalist Life Saver Journalist Life Saver
    Telepresence drone for remote journalists controlled by Kinect.


  • DT x ID Workshop DT x ID Workshop
    An experimental design thinking workshop where students from multiple diciplines meets industrial design at friends' house.
  • Give Me A Hand Give Me A Hand
    A navigating wearable using electrical muscle stimulation implemented on custom circuit and FPGA board.
  • Software Graphics Pipeline Software Graphics Pipeline
    Graphics pipeline, including transformation, shading and texture mapping, implemented with C++ and OpenGL.
  • NTU x Stanford Design Thinking Workshop NTU x Stanford Design Thinking Workshop
    A workshop collaborated with Stanford held by National Taiwan University IoX Center.
    Team facilitator


  • Homing Homing
    An interactive door lock with breathing lights that welcome you home at student-organized OpenHCI 2014 workshop.
  • 神話 (Mythology) 神話 (Mythology)
    An interactive sound installation using distance sensors.